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Recent Projects


Recent projects

These are just a small selection of the 700+ projects we have undertaken in the last 24 months.

Preliminary ecological appraisal, winter bird surveys, Habitats Regulations Assessment and ecological impact assessment for a new wind turbine at Avonmouth.

We were asked to provide a range of ecological surveys in relation to a proposed wind turbine project at Avonmouth in late 2016. The turbine site was in an area close to the Severn Estuary, and ecology surveys were completed by Spring 2017 allowing a robust assessment of the likely impact on over-wintering birds associated with a number of nearby statutory nature conservation sites. The project has since been permissioned by the local planning authority.

Multiple species surveys in relation to a proposed development in Somerset

We have been providing ecological consultancy on a large multi-use development site in Somerset comprising a hotel, supermarket, factory units and fast food outlets. This included the Preliminary Ecological Appraisal, Great Crested Newt surveys (eDNA and population size assessments), bat activity surveys, Water Vole surveys and reptile surveys.

Much of the sites developments has now been permissioned and we continue to work with a range of clients to provide ongoing advice.

Intertidal habitat surveys

Repairs were programmed for multiple sections of sea wall along the banks of the Tamar Estuary. We provided an assessment of the likely impacts and advice to ensure the works were completed with minimal adverse effect on adjacent intertidal habitats.

Bat surveys on a group of agricultural buildings in Cornwall

In late 2017 we were commissioned to complete a visual assessment for roosting bats and breeding birds on a group of seven agricultural buildings in Mid Cornwall. The surveys were completed on-time and delivered to the client’s agent.

Preliminary visual assessment for bats and breeding birds on barns in Somerset

We were asked by Mr D to provide a preliminary visual assessment for bats and breeding birds of two agricultural buildings in Somerset. We completed the work in April 2016 on time and to budget. No bats were found and Mr D is happy and now pushing ahead with his planning application.

Preliminary ecological appraisal for a series of ponds on Exmoor

We were commissioned by a large planning consultancy to provide a preliminary ecological appraisal in relation to a group of flight ponds to be created at a well-known shoot on Exmoor.  We completed the surveys in March 2016 and made recommendations within the report on how to enhance the ponds for wildlife, whilst keeping their functionality as flight ponds.

Preliminary visual assessment for bats and breeding birds on a disused retail complex in Torbay

We were asked by a large regional architect to provide a preliminary visual assessment for bats and breeding birds of the now abandoned B&Q store in Torbay. This is a large complex site over a number of buildings with abundant roof voids. We completed the survey in September 2015 and provided a full report within the agreed time frame and to the agreed price No bats were found, although we made certain recommendations with regards to nesting birds at the site.

Extended phase 1 habitat survey (Preliminary ecological appraisal) for 12ha solar farm in Cornwall

We were asked in April 2015 by a large renewable energy company to provide a Extended phase 1 habitat survey for a large solar photovoltaic array within a disused mining area in mid Cornwall. The site supported the nationally rare bryophyte Western Rustwort Marsupella profunda along with invasive plant species and the potential for reptiles and nesting birds.

We made recommendations within the assessment for avoidance mitigation during construction and the long term management of the site. We also provided ecology sections for the construction environmental management plan and engaged with the county ecologist. The clients planning application was successful and the project is currently being built.

Bat emergence surveys on a home in Cornwall with a colony of Brown Long-eared bats

We were contacted by a local architectural consultancy in late Summer 2015 in relation to proposals to modernise a large property on a tributary of the River Fowey. Whilst inspecting the roof void a colony of 27 Brown Long-eared bats was found roosting along the ridge with abundant droppings within the void, indicating that this site was a maternity roost for this species. Following roost characterisation surveys (emergence and remote monitoring) we determined the precise location that the bats use to access the roof void. Based on this information, we wrote method statements for the required modernisation that would avoid any offence and allowed the client to complete their repairs without the requirement of a European Protected Species licence

Reptile translocation from the grounds of a hospital in Devon

We were asked by a local health trust in August 2015 to translocate reptiles from two areas within the grounds of a Devon hospital to allow construction of new infrastructure project to be completed without the risk of killing or injuring the reptiles, in-line with wildlife legislation. We planned and organised the construction of reptile fencing to stop the animals getting back into the sites, selected an adjacent site to receive the animals, provided advice on the management of their new home, and successfully completed capture and translocation in late summer 2015. Construction is ongoing and the reptiles are happy in their new home.

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