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Reptile surveys and translocation


Reptile surveys and translocation

At Western Ecology we have years of experience in reptile surveys and translocation for the four widespread reptile species;  Slow Worm, Common Lizard, Adder and Grass Snake. These reptiles can be found across a diverse range of sites including private gardens, tussocky grassland, quarries, hay meadows, brownfield sites, woodland edges and rides, heathland and roadside verges.

translocationIf your development site has been lightly managed for a few years it’s likely that Slow Worm, and possibly Common Lizard and Grass Snake, will have found their way in. You may need a reptile survey to determine which of the widespread species is present and an indication of their population size to inform what avoidance measures are reasonable during the development process.

If the reptiles cannot be accommodated within the finished development, this will often mean reptile translocation to a receptor site, but don’t worry we can facilitate this process and have our own team of fencing specialists to ensure everything is done efficiently and to time in a cost effective manner.

All native reptiles are protected to some degree under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (as amended) whilst our two rarest species, the Sand Lizard and Smooth Snake are given full protection under the Act and also identified as European Protected Species. The four widespread species are protected from deliberate killing, injury and trade.

The two rare species, sand lizard and smooth snake, are given more protection that includes protection from capture and deliberate or reckless killing, injury or disturbance. Their breeding or resting places are also protected from obstruction or damage, even if it were accidental.

All six native reptiles are listed as species “of principal importance for the purpose of conserving biodiversity”.

Apart from a site on the north coast of Cornwall where Sand Lizard have been introduced, we are extremely unlikely to find either of the rare reptile species here in Cornwall and Devon.

To show how committed we are to quality and service we have adopted BS 42020:2013 Biodiversity – Code of practice for planning and development for all of our reptile surveys.

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