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Bat Emergence Surveys


Bat Emergence Surveys

At Western Ecology our professional licenced bat ecologists have years of experience in the provision of bat emergence surveys.

How much will a bat emergence survey cost?Emergence

The cost of a bat emergence survey is calculated based on the two variables of the number of bat surveyors to effectively monitor a building and travels costs. As a rough indication the cost for two emergence surveys using two surveyors (including travel costs) would be about £700 +vat.

Why do I need a bat emergence survey?

Bat emergence surveys are nearly always the result of recommendations made during an initial bat and barn owl survey and may be required when:

  • a roost has been identified, but more information is needed in order to assess its importance and the potential significance of any impacts on it. Information may be needed on the number of bats within the colony, the access points, the species, and flight paths to and from the roost;
  • a comprehensive internal inspection survey is not possible because of restricted access, but the structure has features with a reasonable likelihood of supporting bats;
  • a comprehensive preliminary roost assessment is not possible because it is a sub-optimal time of year, or there is a risk that evidence of bat use may have been removed by weather, human activities or the presence of livestock; or
  • preliminary roost assessment has not ruled out the reasonable likelihood of a roost being present, but no definitive evidence of the presence of bats has been recorded.

A bat emergence survey will require two or more trained bat specialists using suitable bat detectors to be stationed around the building in locations that allow all potential access, or entry points, to be observed. These surveys will normally start 15 minutes before sunset and may continue for up to 2hrs, depending on the species of bat that is thought to be present. The bat detector allows the surveyors to hear the ultrasonic calls of the bats from which they can identify which species are present.

Due to bat inactivity during hibernation periods, bat emergence surveys are normally completed in the period May to September, although in Cornwall and Devon we can extend the period when bat emergence surveys can be completed if the weather is warm.

To show how committed we are to quality and service we have adopted BS 42020:2013 Biodiversity – Code of practice for planning and development for all of our bat emergence surveys. At each survey at least one member of staff will be a full Member of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management or Royal Society of Biologists, and all staff are experienced and trained in bat emergence surveys and bat identification.

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